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Sunday, April 12, 2009

So How You Brown Cow?!

Woahh .. Quite the long havent touch blogs. Mine and urs. So How's APRIL?

Parents went to US for a week end of March. Reason : Bro's operation. Operation on? aku pun tak tau. All i know is pizza every monday.

That week like so free. Only the Monday where they'll be back from US at nite.. , I had to start cleaning up.. wash and iron clothes and all.. Or else sure dam noisy when they're back. Simple la.

Hoodie and shoes from US. Cool like pool. Haven remove price tag yet till today.

First driving lesson last tuesday. Holy shitsss. Learnt the basics.. Nothing else. Parking a little bit. Here the "L" comes in.... for LEARNING. Betul kan? Sen Yi: How many times mati engine? Wah think i so noob like her? 3 times only not like her .. 7 - up .. And all of them came when the instructor asked me to stop suddenly while driving.. Why? NEVER PRESS CLUTCH FULLY. Thats pro. Oooh and my STERRING GOT PROBLEM.. Still dunno how to turn to the left. Right turning no problem i think.. left turning .. always keluar lane. Shucks fin soup. Next lesson this tuesday must overcome it.. One good suggestion by my fren was.. Keep shouting "to the left to the left" while turning left.. So wont go to the right lane.. Hmm .. makes sense. Tuesday try.

Liverpool 1 -3 Chelsea. So it was my fault for picking the wrong "L" that night? Yea la "L" for lam(e) .. Nvm 3-0 at stamford bridge wont be a problem. Hoho. Please let me pick both "L"s this Tuesday night.

Phone no credit for 2-3 days? And it came at the right time where all the "comforting" smses came in.

I just realised this Tuesday quite important.. And its one day away? Dont count 2nite la.

Archuleta.... is a moron. Yea i went for his "concert" at Sunway Lagoon Ampetheathre or watever its called yesterday.. Parked at Sunway Pyramid.. took bus to the place at 2pm as the event was scheduled to start at 3. Was like WTF when reach there.. Freaking full man. Aha memang we were late already. As usual it wont start at 3. Normally delayed till around 3 something or 4 rite.. But this time 4 something close to 5 only start. MAHAI. Dam pei.. Somemore at 4 few sohais start coming out performing some shit songs. First : Dont Know who the hell are they. Second : SING LIKE SHIT SOMEMORE. Third : Why didnt the ARCHANGELS BOO THEM.. (Archuleta fans are so called Archangels .. Dam gay..)

After all that waiting and rubbish singing.. The moron came out. like finally. 6 songs and he cao. 3 hours of waiting for 30 minutes of that moron? WTF. Its like " K THANKS BYE" . Dam dumb wei.. Somemore when he's singing .. few machan girls behind me screaming like bitches man. Act cute with the "I love U David" scream when they cant even pronounce it properly. So the whole time i was hearing mix of that moron voice and the machans screaming. Dam pain la my ear seriously. Fucking ANISes.. Seriously should've slap them cbs.

After it was over, had to take the bus back to Pyramid. Bus stop freaking full. Plus the road is so jammed up.. I think one bus takes 1 hour to come back after one stop. No point waiting like that. So decided to walk all the way back to Pyramid.. And it was raining quite heavily. GG. Soaked like crazy.. Car cannot move somemore later. So jam. I'd prefer Peanut butter

ALL THAT FOR being an ARCHANGEL ? It was fun though.. I think. I'm healthy for now.. surprisingly.

At least still got to watch the 4-0 trashing of Blackburn. Leng. Torres

MACHEDAAAAAAA (Lampard's twin) - yeng much .. he does it again.. But Aston Villa's one was cooler.

PC Fair was a failure. Went with Dad and Bro. Dad drove to KLCC . Turned out they didnt let any more cars in the parking lot.. all FULL. Stuck in the jam somemore ( Ignore the "stuck" ) Didnt bother parking else where.. Just focusing of getting out of the KL jam. In the end balik rumah. Pro. Should've took the LRT.. Mistake.. Next time then.

Wah dam malas tulis dee. Hand also dam tired now. SIEN dee.

Tonton red cliff (1) first.. CAooo

Im online though. just nudge =)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Hate Rooney

OH EM GEE. First time i blog twice on the same day . same night.

Had to because its a good win la that made me 10 bucks richer.


Vidic FTW. Man of the match.. Even dossena scores.. Shit. At least liverpool win la.. More exciting now.. 4 points. Still got hope.. But Man U are still favourites for title la.. Not easy for liverpool.

At least its still a win. And Man U got a goal.. unlike Real Madrid. .....

Friday, the 13th.....

This day sucks, totally sucks. Why? RESULTS . Yea finally get it huh.

So results were to be released around 9 30am.. which means Joshua and Wei Kit have to do a countdown during Chemistry class before that. As usual, Mr Yeap will make it worse for us.. SHIT.. MY CHEM is totally screwed... Confirm kena bang by Mr Yeap dee... SENG TUCK AHH BLA BLA BLA.. totally screwed.
Dam.. Physics 4 and Chem 4.. Really bad... I guess i was a bit bit bit bit bit emo later. Tiny tiny bit JUST AS TINY as STONE GIANT. Have to explain to miss aw next week why i'd skipped stats 2 later. That morning itself already sums up a pretty much bad day for me.. but then there was stilllllll.. MOVIE , something to loook forward to at start but then...

The movie we watched was The Tale of Despereaux
A freaking small mouse.. wif big ears.. LUCKILY.. my ears are not like that. Or else...

Yea.. A mouse show. =_= I GOT TO SEE MY FAMILY. Worst movie ever in my life. 1 hour and 30 minutes of my life wasted just like that.. HAHA. I was uber relieved when the movie was over.. The moment i saw the cinema guy opening the door i was off my seat dee . Should've slept instead. The Tale of Despereaux - seriously OH EM GEE. Legend of Chun Li or even dragonball would definitely be better. Whose idea was it again to watch this show? Ying or Sen Yi? @#@$@$! haha. Honour , courage, noble bla bla bla.. One thing i discovered was .. CENCOROT.. (did i get it right? haha) Thats the malay word for MOUSE.. This movie seriously.. negative rating pls. Weeboi and Jack loved it.. cause of Emma Watson's voice.

Latest Quote : LAUREN FTW. Yes la thats good.

Man U - Liverpool soon.. I hate Rooney. LOL

Monday, March 2, 2009

February is Over

We The Kings - August is Over ?

Its March already.. The fool month is coming. Only fools think its good. Cheng beng this sat.. and next week is the week where monday is the holiday. Dunno wat holiday.. But no difference for me.. Shucks.. I'm starting to like Monday like how i like today. Plenty of time at home alone. AHAHA. Nothing to do actually.. besides sleeping. The weather nowadays is just too comfortable for sleeping. LANGIT SUDAH BOCOR. 3 day weekend ftw.

Jason Mraz this Wednesday. Who's going? My fren has spare tickets i think.. forcing me to buy 2 weeks ago? But i think he should have sold it by now.. No point going la for this moraz. And its a weekday.. susah gila. Yes la thats good.

Aus fair was just.... too crowded. Not like the UK or US fair. So now i have 4 options - SEGI, NOTTINGHAM , Manchester or Loughborough in UK. Aus and US seems a little not right. ISSIT? I also dunno how.. Which one la should i pick? HELP ME LA JOSHUA TO PICK ONE. EDITOR MUCH? LOL

So now's the movie season? Just because of Oscars.. .. Freaking Angelina Jolie says "He's not my son" 100000000000 times in the movie.. .. ............ Thats why she lost.. No variation in speech. =_= Wat nice movies to download? Dling "The Prestige" now. Keng?

Bleach Chapter 45 dee. Hoho. Ichigo Kurosaki meh. Kuchiki.. Apa babi.. Naruto cooler. Cause got PAIN

Tonton "Hilang" dulu.. It was out last Thursday.. now only watch.. THATS PRO

JAI HO ~ The bomb

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Danger Mouse ! I didnt know it was a cartoon wei. AHAHA. Dunno wth was my classmates talking about when i wore that shirt. There's always wikipedia. And so.. I discovered.. Danger mouse is a cartoon show? in the 80's. Thats why i dunno la.

His trademark move?
So i should wear a black eyepatch next time? DM ftw.

FP is just stupid. Learning about "ass" and "shit". Awesome. Time to start studying fp.. a good start will be completing my notes. Never knew my notes were incomplete till wei kit told me. GG

LOST is out tmr. And tmr will be a dam stupid day. Thanks to Physics. Amen

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is bad .. The slight change to my timetable done by my classmates .. apalah mr ling ni so easy kena con. Physics class was supposed to be on Monday 8-10, my only class that day. Butttttttttttttttttttt some ppl decided to change it to Thursday 3-5 , wat kind of cool timing is that. Like that.. no more time to sleep dee, and normally afternoon is dam tiring that i'll be dead in class around 2. 8-10 plss... then can go library study. Not spinky or foosball la. Or else like wat jack said, monday no college confirm tidur babi. Library ftw .. 12 weeks left only. GG


quite cool wei.. i just watched the trailer.. Should be not bad. Must watch. Coming out this thursday.
Initiate operation valkyrie. We must kill Hitler.

L license on the way. Dam pro. I know how to go forward and reverse dee just using the clutch. First time sei 4. dam babi. But then later no problem. Leng. Still long way more to go.

Did some financial countings with the uk unis. And my 1st choice would be Manchester..
£20,370.00(RM105,924.00) a year and sums up to RM317,772.00 for 3 years. And that figure can only get higher.. Pain .. How la? UCL called me and told me that im underage. Wth.

Ignore the starting part.. I WAN 3 DAY WEEKEND LA. =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pick one

Which is cooler ?


or this?

I SAY BOTH ALSO ... not bad la.. ahaha. My bro draw one.. wif his dunno wat board la hand draw but come out on computer.. Yes la i know roughly wats the device but not sure wats it called.

If i draw, it'll be too good to be on this blog. Pick one ~